The day before yesterday, I went with Hei Ren(a friend from Harbin) to the Great Wall ; That was really amazing, these mountains are much more impressive for the human souls than the Ocean. When the sun was declining, rose a strong wind, whose noise reminded me the one of the Ocean too, as they say in "Eulogy of the Ancient Battlefield" * : 'A group of mountains grapple with each other. The wind is sad and the sun is low.' That was exactly the situation I lived.
We came back at about 11 p.m completely exhausted, first od all, because the night before we went to the Opera and also because after, the doors of his flat having been closed earlier, he had to come to sleep at my house. As he wasn't used to change his routine and had to sleep on the floor, we both spent a sleepless night.
Yesterday, I received in two packs the books you sent. In the first one were four, in the second, six.
I also received your letter, and the one in which you gave me advises too.
I agree with you that I have to take pictures.
Best wishes ! Rong Zi, the fifteenth of may

  • A classical antiwar essay written by Li Hua (Tang dynasty VII-X century)