"I am a woman. The canopy of heaven over the heads of women is low, while our wings are flimsy and our burdens heavy and unpleasant ! What's even worse is that women are excessively self-sacrificing, not out of courage but out of cowardice. A state of inertia develops in us after living a long time with no one to aid us, and under conditions that require us to be sacrificing, so that we accept willingly. I know that, but still I can't help thinking : just what am I in this world ? What is scorn to me ? What does disaster mean to me ? For that matter, what is death to me ? I don't know. Am I, after all, one person, or am I two people ? Should I be thinking like this ? Or like that ? You're right, I want to fly, but still I have the feeling...That I'll come crashing down."

Illustrated by Simone Amador